Smooking policy

AU’s smoking policy applies to employees, students and guests.

AU’s smoking policy is that no employee, student or guest at AU should be subjected to unwanted exposure to tobacco smoke when on university premises.

At Aarhus University, there is a total ban on indoor smoking across the entire university campus. This indoor smoking ban and AU’s smoking policy also applies to the smoking of e-cigarettes.

The indoor smoking ban also applies during special occasions such as receptions, Friday bars, parties and similar events that take place on university premises.

AU’s smoking policy is that outdoor life at Aarhus University should also be smoke-free.

AU’s smoking policy is that neither students nor employees should be encouraged to start smoking and that those who wish to stop smoking should be helped to do so.

Specific initiatives intended to support a change in smoking culture should be developed in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders.

At AU, it is only natural that we help each other to comply with the university’s smoking policy everywhere on campus. If AU’s smoking policy is not complied with, reprimands can be issued by local management.

Guests at AU must be informed about AU’s smoking rules via signs and digital information platforms.