Evacution and the procedures

Because the University is an open institution, evacuation is a responsibility that do not apply to specific personnel, it is all employee’s responsibility to help in the event of evacuation.

It is therefore important that you as an employee know what to do to in a situation where the buildings needs to be evacuated.

Evacuation is initiated by the alarm sounding (a high pitch sound) after which the evacuation will begin. In Nobelparken the alarm is located on the ground floor, you will therefor on every floor find a (båt)horn next to the evacuation box which can be used to alarm the surrounding floors.
At Moesgaard a speech warning system will alarm you in case of evacuation.

On every floor in all buildings in Nobelparken and at Moesgaard you can find an “evacuation box”. The box is placed on the wall just inside the corridor doors.

The evacuation box contain:

  • A yellow vest with the text: ”Aarhus Universitet. Evakuering” (Aarhus University. Evacuation)
  • A laminated yellow instruction sheet with a detailed step-by-step description of the evacuation leader’s duties. The area which is to be evacuated is illustrated on the instruction sheet.
  • An orange vest with the text “Aarhus Universitet. Evakuering”  (Aarhus University. Evacuation)
  • A laminated orange instruction sheet with a detailed step-by-step description of the meeting point leader’s duties. The location of the meeting point is illustrated on a photo on the instruction sheet.

The Assembly point in Nobelparken is the area between building 1451 and 1461, by the red sculpture
The Assembly point at Moesgaard is by the Fountain in the Courtyard

The evacuation leader puts on the yellow vest and follows the instructions on the yellow instruction sheet. The evacuation leader’s task is to clear the area of people. In connection with the evacuation of the area, the surrounding areas must be informed that evacuation is taking place. As soon as possible, the local management must be informed about the incident.
If you can manage it, please close doors as you sweep your area, to restrict the flames and smoke

The meeting point leader puts on the orange vest and follows the instructions on the orange instruction sheet. The meeting point leader’s task is to meet the evacuees at the specified meeting point outside the building.
The meeting point leader has to make sure that the firebrigade have easy access by making sure that the evacuated do not stand in the roads leading to the building or in front of the entrance doors.
And please notify if possible AU’s emergency phone 87 15 16 17.

Always consider your own safety when assuming the role of evacuation or meeting point leader.

Evacuation of the buildings is in the event of a fire, or f.i. a bomb threat towards the building.
If a person enters the buildings and threatens people, evacuation will not be the right solution. Here you must find out where the perpetrator is, avoid any contact, and if possible, barricade yourself until the danger is over.

On the back of office doors in Nobelparken and Moesgaard you can find information on how to act in the event of alarm and/or evacuation.

Evacuation drills is conducted yearly, where all personnel, guest and students are required to participate.