Screen glasses

Staff members at the School, who is working in front of a computer on a regular basis are entitled to an eye test and possibly screen glasses if it is deemed necessary.

The eye test and screen glasses are paid for by the School, and as a general rule only standard frames and standard glass. Below you will find help on how to get screenglasses.

The form must be approved and signed by Jesper Sølund Hansen prior on making arrangement with the optometrist.

Aarhus University has from August 15, 2022 entered into agreement with Synoptik, Louis Nielsen and Dansk Erhvervsoptik on screen glasses.

When requiring screen glasses, you will need to print and fill out the requisition from either Synoptik, Louis Nielsen or Dansk Ervhervsoptik

Check to see if your local Optometrist is a member of Dansk Erhvervsoptik here

The difference between screen glasses and reading glasses

Ordinary reading glasses, glasses with bifocal lenses or glasses with varifocal lenses are normally adapted to a reading distance of approximately 40 centimetres and a downward viewing angle, which does not always suit working at a computer monitor. Screen glasses normally have a reading distance of 50-70 centimetres, and the viewing angle is often not as downwards as for reading glasses.