Indoor climate

The indoor climate is an important part of the overall work environment. A good indoor climate with an appropriate temperature and clean, fresh air has a positive impact on your well-being. A poor indoor climate, however, may cause discomfort, headache, and concentration problems.

In working with a good indoor climate you will come far with:

  • Keeping the temperature of approx. 20-22 °C
  • Keeping the room tidy and clean
  • Airing regularly

Light is also a significant part of our work environment. If the artificial and natural light is not adapted to the employees need, the result can be tiredness, reduced visual acuity and headache, and these can lead to awkward work postures which might trigger shoulder, back and neck problems.
We strongly recommend using the blinds at the office if you are experiencing to much or to little natural light from the outside.

On “Work Environment in Denmark” you can find further help and advice to a good indoor climate.
You are of course also welcome to contact your local Occupational Health and Safety representative