Waste sorting and sustainability

At the School for Culture and Society, we are working towards being as sustainable as possible, and we are asking our employees to sort their own waste.

Ordinary paper and Cardboard: You can use the recycle bin at your office to collect paper and small cardboard. The content of the bin in your office, is to be emptied in the black paper waste container in the copy room on your office floor.
The paper waste containers are emptied every Thursday.
At Moesgaard you can leave the paper in the paper bin in your office, and the cleaning staff will empty the bin every day.

Papers with confidential content: Is collected in the paper waste containers for the purpose. The containers have a small opening on the lit, where you can dispose of the paper but where none can fetch the paper from the container as it is locked. The container can be found:
Building1451-1453: The copy room on the third floor in building 1451.
1461-1463: The copy room on the fourth floor in building 1463.
1465-1467: The corridors on the fourth and sixth floor in building 1467.
Moesgaard: In room 117, building 4235.
The containers is emptied, and the content is shredded by an external company.

If you are having problems finding the bins or have any questions, you can contact your local secretary.

Food/Perishable waste: food waste, used cardboard tableware, napkins, pens etc. must be put in the waste bins in the kitchens.

Batteries: In Nobelparken batteries are collected in bins marked “batteries”, which you will find where the secretary offices are.
At Moesgaard batteries are collected in plastic cups, where the office supplies are, room 119, building 4235.

Electronic waste: Collected from the departmental secretaries, which make sure that the IT-department collects it and reuse what is possible. Computers, Ipads and Mobile phones must be handed in directly by yourself to the IT-department, as this is registered to the individual users and therefore must be deregistered.
At Moesgaard everything is collected by the departmental secretaries.

Glass and bottles: In Nobelparken you can find a glass container by the staircase leading up to building 1481.
At Moesgaard containers for glass are found in the kitchens – 1 for glass/bottles with can deposit and 1 for all other glass/bottles.

Furniture: Disposal of furniture will be carried out by contacting the operation office (Driftskontoret) via Dalux or by request to the local secretary who can help.

Styrofoam, Bubble wrap and Plastic: Alongside the Canteen kitchen windows in Nobelparken, you will find some large underground waste containers where Styrofoam and plastic should be tossed in to.
At Moesgaard these items is to be put in the waste bin in the kitchens with the other perishable goods and food.

Metal waste: Contact the operations office in Nobelparken or Moesgaard via Dalux

Toner cartridge:
In building 1451-1453 used cartridges is collected in a box in the copy room on the 3rd floor in building 1451.
In building 1461-1463 used cartridges is collected in the clear plastic containers you can find in each copyroom.
In building 1465-1467 used cartridges is collected in the clear plastic containers you can find in each copyroom.
At Moesgaard the used cartridges are collected in room 117, building 4235.

The boxes are emptied on an ongoing basis and sent to be reused.