Every year around 3.500 persons in Denmark suffer heart failure outside a hospital. Today just under 200 survive, but with lifesaving first aid and fast defibrillation, it is estimated that 300-400 could survive a heart attack.

Aarhus University has purchased 65 defibrillators and placed them around Campus, where lots of people gather.
The defibrillators in Nobelparken are placed in each of our buildings (1451-1453, 1461-1463 and 1465-1467) on the second floor by the staircase. see picture and outside the buildings which holds the Canteen 1483 right by our staffroom.
At Moesgaard the defibrillator is placed by the entrance to the Anthropology department, building 4235/4336.

All defibrillators in Nobelparken and at Moesgaard is registered at which is owned by “Trygfonden” (the site is mainly in Danish)
When visiting the site, you can learn how to use a defibrillator and read stories where a defibrillator has saved lifes.

A defibrillator is a portable, battery-powered machine. By administering an electric shock, the defibrillator can get a heart which has stopped pumping blood around the body to start pumping normally again. It is not possible to use a defibrillator incorrectly, and it is easy to use.

The defibrillators in both Nobelparken and Moesgaard is monitored and serviced by the Building Services Division