WORKZONE (under construction)

Workzone is AU's filing system, which is designed to support knowledge sharing across the organisation and to ensure our filing obligations. All employees have a responsibility to ensure this.


Create a case

All secretaries at CAS can create cases in Workzone. To ensure that all necessary information is provided, please fill out this form. The form is received by your local secretary who will set up the case for you and send you a link, which you need to access your case.  

What is my responsibilty

Please read our quick guide for researchers here. 

  • As a member of academic staff or head of department/centre, it is your responsibility to ensure that relevant documents and correspondence are filed in Workzone in accordance with applicable legislation. 
  • When a case has been created with the help of your department/centre secretary, it is up to you to file emails, documents and any subsequent memos from conversations or other correspondence on the case in question via your mailbox.
  • When a case has been completed, it is up to you to ask your department/centre secretary to close the case.