Sigrid Wibe Nielsen - New PhD student at the Department of Anthropology

Sigrid Wibe Nielsen is enrolled as a PhD student from 1 September and she will be working on the research project "Hunting Life: Explorations of Biosociality in Greenland"

My name is Sigrid, and as of the 1st of september I am enrolled as a 5+3 PhD student at the faculty of anthropology. I will be working on the research project Hunting Life: Explorations of Biosociality in Greenland, led by Janne Flora. Specifically, I will set out to research the seal as a quintessential being in Greenlandic hunting system. I am conducting fieldwork in a small town on the Greenlandic east coast.

In 2021 I finished my MA studies at the department. My thesis investigated the Baltic as a place of biosocial and more-than-human encounters. This work has led the way for this forthcoming project. I hope to be able to use cross disciplinary methods to better understand how ocean, people and prey navigate in systems of social encounters. I look forward to once again having my everyday life centre around Moesgård Campus and not least starting fieldwork on this interesting project.  

Sigrid Wibe Nielsen
School of Culture and Society - Department of Anthropology
Moesgård Allé 20
8270 Højbjerg