Contact the Research Support Office

When applying for funding, we encourage you to contact the Research Support Office as early as possible. The Research Support Office offers help in all phases; from idea to final submission of application. Furthermore, the Research Support Office can assist in making a long-term funding strategy, both on the level of individuals and groups, and hereby ensuring a long-term plan for obtaining external funding.

The Research Support Office can help you with:

  • Ensuring match between call and researcher
  • Specialised knowledge on Danish, European and other international research programmes.
  • Breaking down complex EU topics
  • Planning application processes in cooperation with the researcher
  • Comments on project proposals, including:
    - Targeting the application for a specific call (with focus on excellence, impact and implementation)
    - Optimisation on structure, language and clarity of the application
    - Inputs for the non-academic sections
  • Ensuring that you comply with formalities
  • Drawing up a budget and ensuring that budget and project description are in accordance.

The Research Support Office offers counselling for research projects <500.000 DDK and for projects above the level of postdoc.

NB: The Research Support Office does not offer counselling on internal AU and AUFF funds – contact the School's Research Consultant for more information.

Contact persons at the Research Support Office (Arts/BSS).

Find relevant funding

The funding database ResearchProfessional allows you to make a tailored search for relevant funding. Read more about private and public funding and reach the database here.

Inform your Research Consultant

Inform your Research Consultant about which funding you wish to apply for, the title of your project, workload reductions or other conditions that obligates the school.

It must be cleared with your Head of Department if the project you wish to apply for involves workload reductions.

Read more about school policy on workload reductions here or check our workload reductions FAQ here.   


Whether it is possible to apply for overhead varies from foundation to foundation. The large, Danish funding programmes, administered by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science and the Independent Research Fund Denmark, have a fixed overhead at 44%.

Overhead is given to cover indirect expenses that are connected with conducting a project, e.g., common expenses for rent, heating, electricity, cleaning, administration, the library and so forth. In reality, the indirect expenses, which are to be covered by overhead, will often exceed 44%. 

The policy of the school is that, as a rule, the overhead made available by the foundation should be applied for. If there is no possibility of applying for overhead from a private foundation – or if the possibility is unclear – please contact the research consultant.

If the project includes PhD students specified by name

The main applicant must obtain approval from the relevant PhD programme director, confirming that it will be possible to enrol the candidate in question as a PhD student if funding is granted.

The following appendices must be sent to the relevant PhD programme director:

If the candidate is approved, the main applicant will receive a confirmation document from the head of the graduate school, Anne Marie Pahuus.

PhD programme directors:

Further information for grant holders is available at the website of the Graduate School: