Full call and guidelines

The School of Culture and Society allocates funds year for strategic research development and provides the institute's employees with the opportunity to seek support for project development activities. The funds are prioritized and distributed by the research committee at CAS. Decisions are made by the Head of Department and the Vice Head of Department for Research when consensus cannot be reached among the committee members.

Applicants must be employed at CAS. Funds for activities primarily aimed at PhD students should be sought from the PhD school.

The funds are distributed in two pools: the Research Committee's general pool and the Center Pool. They are described below. Conditions and overarching criteria for distribution are outlined at the bottom.

Research Committee's General Pool

Two fixed annual deadlines on June 1st and December 1st.

We encourage exploration of external funding and co-financing with research programs.

Funds can be applied for:

  1. Extraordinary travel (max. 20,000 DKK)
    Primarily allocated for trips that either establish/develop networks or explore opportunities for international projects. Support may exceptionally be provided for fieldwork or conference participation if it holds significant strategic importance for the applicant, the academic community, or CAS, and exceeds the applicant's ordinary research travel budget.
  2. Conferences (large and small) (max. 30,000 DKK)
    Awarded for conferences directly related to AU. It is possible to apply for deficit coverage for up to 50,000 DKK. This requires a full financing plan involving funding from external sources, e.g. foundations, participation fees, co-funding from collaborating organisations.
  3. Development of research ideas and collaborations (max. 30,000 DKK)
    Funds for small pilot projects, development seminars, establishment of collaborations with external organizations, or potential project partners.

Research Centre Pool

One annual deadline December 1st

All approved research centres can apply for operational funds for up to two years based on a tentative activity plan. Centre funds are not allocated to specific activities but for the ongoing operation of the centre. Operational funds can be used for meeting activities, student assistance, catering, and covering transportation expenses for speakers at the centre. The centre's director must be the applicant.

Once approved, the center receives 10,000 DKK per year. Centre applications do not require a budget.

Additionally, centres can apply to the general pool for support for activities on equal terms with other researchers and research groups.

As part of the application, a report on the centre's activities in the last two years or since its establishment must be submitted. If there has been low activity, an explanation must also be provided as to why the centre's activities should now resume.

General Criteria and Conditions

  1. The department's research committee aims to support innovative projects with the potential for scientific breakthroughs and prefers that the applied funds benefit as many researchers as possible.
  2. No funding can be sought for buyout. Planned activities must be feasible within the applicant's research time (or in already planned sabbaticals).
  3. It is considered a strength in applications for development funds that CAS is not the sole contributor to the project.
  4. Grants must be used for the stated purpose within one year of the grant date, otherwise, they will be forfeited. Any profits will accrue to the institute.

Clarifying questions should be directed to the research consultant: 

Applications are accepted exclusively through the online application form:


Grant history

Applicant Program/centre Title Activities Grant sum
Richard Cole CVM Center for Vikingetid og Middelalder 1 workshop, 3 seminarer, juleseminar, studmhjlp til web 10.000,00 kr.
Helle Strandgaard & Adéla Sobotkova CEDHAR Center for Digital History Aarhus Easter Eggs, Showcase seminar, data skills workshop, studmhjlp til web 15.000,00 kr.
Susanne Højlund FOCUS Green Food Habits: Taste & Habits in Food Systems amidst the Green Transition Workshop (to keynotes 20 deltagere), skriverefugium 15.000,00 kr.
Bo Kristian Holm LUMEN LUMEN 3 Lectures/seminarer, studmhjlp til formidling mm. 15.000,00 kr.
Jakob Engberg C-SAC Centre for the Study of Antiquity and Christianity To seminarer/workshops med inviterede keynotes 9.710,00 kr.
Christian Gade Aarcon Genoprettende ret og straf Afholdelse af stor konference 15.000,00 kr.
Raymond Yamamoto Globale studier Emotions in Japan’s Foreign Policy: Thinking and Practices Konferencedeltagelse 14.500,00 kr.
Mette Thunø Globale studier When Social Media Affect Diplomats’ Rhetoric and Discourse: The Case of China’s Diplomats on Twitter, 2019-2022 Konferencedeltagelse 10.810,00 kr.
Annika Capelan Antropologi Wool Worked Worlds – Studying industrial landscapes through collaborative filmmaking Feltarbejde i Sydafrika og Lesotho 20.000,00 kr.
Peter Thestrup Waade IMC Cognet 4 workshops og et symposium; 10-20 ECR-deltagere 2.300,00 kr.
Mattias Sommer Bostrup Teologi Kristen mission fra WWI til ca 1980 Todages workshop; projektmodning 11.725,00 kr.
Marie Louise Tørring Antropologi Fra PUSH til CAVA Statistisk udtræk, API-kald til Infomedia, Databehandling v. CHC, tre workshops (10 deltagere) 19.854,00 kr.
Ulrik Nissen Teologi Responding to Hope Konferencedeltagelse 20.000,00 kr.
Laura Ahlqvist Arkæologi og kulturarv The Legacy of Gendered Migrations in the Nordic World - How Migration in the Past has Influenced Current Nordic Identities and regional Diversity’ Workshop (14 deltagere); netværk 15.000,00 kr.
Uwe Skoda Globale studier Odisha Studies 2023 Forskningsbesøg; projektmodning; netværk 11.000,00 kr.
Mary Hilson Historie Studying animals in Nordic agricultural history – methods and approaches Forskningsseminar; netværksmodning 21.620,00 kr.
Line Dalsgård Antropologi Workshops om overgangsalder 4 workshops i forb.m. bogudgivelse 5.600,00 kr.
Christine Parsons IMC IMC podcast: Showcasing Interdisciplinary Research 4 podcasts á 45-60 minutter 19.992,00 kr.
Jens Seeberg Antropologi Microbial Futures: The biosocial lives of small things Symposium 20 deltagere 20.000,00 kr.
Mette Svart Kristensen Arkæologi og kulturarv Bygningshistorisk seminar: Truede bygningstyper 2-dagsseminar (100 deltagere 10.000,00 kr.
Martin Demant Frederiksen Antropologi Reading the Waters: A Political Anthropology of the Baltic Sea Udviklingsseminar i London 10.002,00 kr.
René Falkenberg Teologi ERC Synergy To fysiske møder til projektudvikling 20.000,00 kr.