The agreement on working hours and the account of hours operate within a system of STANDARDS, i.e. with standards for agreed tasks, and not as a registration of the actual number of working hours.

Hourly compensation in connection with teaching, examinations and administrative tasks will be calculated in accordance with standards specified in the agreement on working hours at the Faculty of Arts and supplementary agreements at faculty or school level regarding the duties of staff. Imbalance in a single semester is not critical, but it is a joint responsibility for the individuel staff memeber and the management to achieve a balance over several semesters.

On page five of the agreement there is a list of the tasks included in the account of working hours.

In addition to these tasks, staff members can make agreements on special tasks with their head of school, head of department or director of studies. Working hours in connection with research activities and knowledge exchange (e.g. coordination of a research unit, preparation of research applications, planning of conferences and editorial work) are not registered, cf. page five in the agreement on working hours at the Faculty of Arts

Note that the agreement has been revised with effect from 1 September 2022 and that some norms have changed going forward.


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Agreement on working hours at the Faculty of Arts


Teaching and examination hours are registered in two separate periods.

Spring semester: teaching in the period between 1 February and 31 July, as well as re-examinations and assessments of Master’s theses between 15 March and 15 october.

(Courses taught at summer university are registered in the spring semester because examinations are held in the summer examination period)

Autumn semester: teaching in the period between 1 August and 31 January and re-examinations and assessments of Master’s theses between 15 October and 15 March.

An annual cycle has been prepared for registering and updating data, which entails that: 

  • Teaching in the spring semester is registered in early autumn. Teaching in the autumn semester is registered in early spring.
  • Summer exams are ‘collected’ from STADS in early October; winter exams at the end of March. Please note that Master’s thesis supervision is registered for the semester in which the thesis is assessed.
  • Specific duties and membership of councils and boards are updated in February.
  • Supervision of new PhD students is updated in February and September; all six or eight semesters are only registered and revised if the PhD process is discontinued or if the student changes his/her supervisor. Note that for all Ph.D. students are allocated the same number of hours for supervisor. A total of 120 hours are registered for the main supervisor and 60 hours for the internal co-supervisor, regardless of whether it is a PhD of 3 or 4 years.

All members of teaching staff will be able to send in corrections and additions to their account of working hours twice a year: in November for the spring semester, and in June for the autumn semester.


The distribution between research and other tasks is specified in the agreement on working hours, p. 2-3. 

  Full-time staff

Hours earmarked for teaching, examinations and administration each semester



Professors with special responsibilities (MSO)


Associate professors


Assistant professors (ordinary, 3 years)

411 (the number of hours takes into account that the assistant professor has a research semester during his 3 year of employment).

Teaching assistant professors and teaching associate professors


Please note: For staff members whose employment is financed externally, working and teaching hours, examinations and administration are calculated on an individual basis and will be stated in their account of working hours in VIPOMATIC.

As a general rule, teaching-related tasks can constitute 20% of the total number or working hours (164 hours per semester). 

Hour records are not kept for Ph.D. students who must follow the PhD school's rules regarding work assignments.


The annual hourly compensation for participation on most committees is fixed in the local agreement for the Faculty of Arts regarding hourly compensation and supplements for specific responsibilities (March 2012). For meeting forums not mentioned in this agreement, compensation is determined on the basis of the average number of hours spent on meeting activities at the School of Culture and Society, which is the equivalent of meeting hours x2.

For all members of staff, 65 working hours are allocated a year for academic and social meetings: 40 hours taken from teaching hours and 25 hours taken from research hours. These hours will be registered in the account as 20 hours per semester designated for ‘staff meetings etc.’ (called ‘daily administration’ in the former agreement).


Hours per semester 

Academic Council (member)


Academic Council (chair)


Boards of studies


Board of studies, chair CAS

Board of studies, chair TEO



Degree programme boards, member


PhD committee, Arts


PhD committee, chair, Arts


PhD, local degree programme committee, CAS


Bibliometric research group, member


Bibliometric research group, chair


Local liaison committees (LSU)


Local occupational health and safety committees (LAMU)


School forum


School forum, academic staff, chair (from autumn 2015)


There is no hourly compensation for meetings held in the school management team and research committee, as they form part of the duties of the head of department and research programme director, respectively.


Academic assessment of applicants for full-degree Master’s programmes: 15 minutes per applicant (determined by the faculty).

Assessments of PhD dissertations and appointments cf. the agreement on working hours, p. 10-12.


Hours in total

PhD principal supervisor

120 hours (the hours are distributed over the total PhD period, regardless of whether it is 3 or 4 years)

PhD co-supervisor

60 hours (the hours are distributed over the total PhD, regardless of whether it is 3 or 4 years)

Supervision of visiting PhD students

8 hours

Assistant professor supervision

Teacher training programme for assistant professors

A total of 30 hours

A total of 150 hours


Calculated as hours + per applicant

PhD dissertations (chair)

PhD dissertations resubmission



Higher doctoral dissertations (chair)


Advance assessment, if the dissertation is not accepted for defence or another person is elected chair of the committee

16 hours for higher doctoral dissertations

8 hours for PhD dissertations

Professorship Assessment Committee

50 hours. If more than 20 applicants : +1 hour for each 5 applicant. If more than 5 assessments: +5 hour for each a assesment.

Professorship Appointment Committee   17 hours. If more than 20 applicants: +1 hour for each 5 applicants.

Lectureship Assessment Committee

40 hours. If more than 20 applicants: +1 hour for each 5 applicant. If more than 5 assessments: +3 hour for each a assesment.

Lectureship Appointment Committee   15 hours. If more than 20 applicants: +1 hour for each 5 applicants.  

Assistant Professor Assessment Committee

35 hours. If more than 20 applicants: +1 hour for each 5 applicant. If more than 5 assessments: +2 hour for each a assesment.

Assistant Professor Appointment Committee   13 hours. If more than 20 applicants: +1 hour for each 5 applicants.    
Postdoc     5 hours + 1 hour for each applicant. Max 23 hours in total.

Part-time lecturers (following advertisements)

Half an hour per applicant

Teaching assistant professors

Half an hour per applicant.  Participation in the appointment interview: Double meeting time

Job interviews (members of assessment committee)

As per the hours of the meeting

Others participating in job interviews

Hours of meeting x2


The number of hours spent per examination is determined on the basis of the type of examination stipulated in the academic regulations and on the basis of the agreement on working hours, p. 8.

The number of assessed examinations will be compensated for, including failed exams.  

Please note that if a member of teaching staff fails to register the results in STADS-VIP, the number of hours spent on examinations will not be collected automatically. Consequently, the hours will not be featured automatically in your account of working hours. You can register your working hours spent on examinations on the basis of e.g. a copy of an e-mail sent to the studies administration containing the examination results (sent by the course instructor to


Calculated as follows

Oral examinations of 20 minutes

30 minutes

Oral examinations of 30 minutes

45 minutes

Oral examinations of 40 minutes

1 hour

Oral examinations of 60 minutes

1½ hours

New norms for written assignments apply from the winter exam 2022-2023

All types of written assignments cf. maximum number of pages in the curriculum 6 minutes per page
Old norms for written exams up to and including summer 2022

Written assignments of 0-10 standard pages

50 minutes

Written assignments of 11-15 standard pages

1 hour

Written assignments of 16-20 standard pages

1 hour and 20 minutes

Written assignments of 21-25 standard pages

1 hour and 40 minutes

On-site exams of up to 5 hours’ duration

45 minutes

On-site exams of up to 6 hours’ duration

1 hour

Portfolio 0-10 pages 50 minutes
Portfolio 11-15 pages   1 hour and 15 minutes
Portfolio 16-20 pages     1 hour and 40 minutes  
Portfolio 21-25 pages    2 hour and 5 minutes    
  • For courses passed through active participation in which a total number of pages for various small written assignments is stated in the academic regulations, the number of working hours is calculated in the same manner as written assignments of the same length (e.g. three small assignments of max. 5 standard pages each correspond to an exam assignment of 15 standard pages). 
  • If the requirements for active participation are not specified in the academic regulations, 30 minutes are allowed per student.
  • In the case of an oral exam, the reading of a possible synopsis is included in the allocated preparation time for the exam.
  • Working hours are not granted for written assignments that students fail to submit.
  • Some types of examination contain extra hours for individual supervision; e.g. the Bachelor’s project on a range of programmes. The exam standard for written graded assignments includes 15 minutes of guidance or feedback (agreed upon by the institute management in June 2022).
  • Hours spent on individual supervision (20 hours) are registered along with those spent on assessment (7 hours): a total of 27 hours. Please note that the supervision and assessment of Master’s theses are registered for the semester in which the thesis is assessed. The assessment time has changed from 10 to 7 hours with effect for theses submitted after 1 January 2023.
    If a thesis contract is extended, an additional 5 hours are allowed for supervision.