Sara Lei Sparre – new postdoc at the Department of Anthropology

Sara joins CAS as a postdoctoral researcher at the interdisciplinary project ‘Aging Immigrants and Self-appointed Helpers Arrangement’ from September 2017

16.08.2017 | Camilla Dimke

I come from an assistant professorship in Cultural Encounters at Roskilde University (2013-2016), where I conducted postdoctoral research as part of an international and interdisciplinary project on Middle Eastern Christian immigrants in Europe. I hold a MA (2005) and PhD (2013) from Department of Anthropology, Copenhagen University. I have long-term fieldwork experience from both the Middle East and Denmark, and thematically, my research focuses on Middle Eastern immigrants, citizenship, cultural encounters and interfaith relations in Denmark as well as religion, activism, citizenship and intergenerational relations among young Muslims in Egypt. I will join the department as postdoctoral researcher in the Velux-funded research project ‘Aging Immigrants and Self-appointed Helpers Arrangement’ (AISHA) led by associate professor Mikkel Rytter. Throughout this project, I will look into how needs and responsibilities regarding aging, care and the family are articulated and negotiated in encounters between municipalities and ethnic minority families.