Nanna Schneidermann - New Assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology

Nanna joins CAS in August and will be working with research linked to IMAGENU - Imagining Gender Futures in Uganda headed by professor Lotte Meinert

15.08.2019 | Camilla Dimke

From August onwards I will be assistant professor in anthropology at CAS, and I am excited to return to my alma mater.  I work with media, technology and social change in African cities and have carried out long-term ethnographic fieldwork in Kampala and Gulu in Uganda and Cape Town in South Africa. My PhD was about the Ugandan popular music scene and its increasing role in politics, and my postdoc project at Oslo Metropolitan University explored motherhood and the use of mobile phones for reproductive and maternal health on the urban margins of Cape Town. A second, though somehow related, interest is the making and unmaking of Danish “ghettoes” with research in Aarhus Vest.

The assistant professorship that I am taking up is linked to the research and capacity building project IMAGENU - Imagining Gender Futures in Uganda headed by professor Lotte Meinert in partnership with Julaina Obika at Gulu University in Uganda. The IMAGENU project will provide a new perspective on gender and futures by placing marriage in Uganda and its decline at the center, showing how this most fundamental gender relation implicates the filiation of children, livelihoods, education, health and people’s imaginations, expectations and hopes for the future. My subproject investigates the production of wedding videos in Gulu as a site for negotiating ideals of love and partnerships and imaging gendered futures in a city of post-conflict transitions.


Nanna Schneidermann
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