Emilie L. Mortensen - New PhD at the Department of Anthropology

Emilie Mortensen will be working on the project: Building Better Futures

13.09.2016 | Camilla Dimke

My name is Emilie L. Mortensen, and I am a new 4+4 phD student at the Department of Culture and Society, Anthropology.

Being an inquiry into the ethical, my project Building Better Futures explores struggles among Syrian youth in the Jordanian capital of Amman to reconstitute themselves and their lives as good in the face of war and displacement. It thus aims at understanding, how young Syrian refugees figure the future, transform themselves, and respond to a new situation with different potentialities.

The project critically engages in anthropological theory on refugee youth, morality and subjectivity formation, which together brings a new perspective on the moral becoming of male youth in warscapes and the orientational effects generated by long-term conflict.

I have a background in Anthropology (BA) as well as one year of Arab Area Studies (Tilvalg). I have studied two years at the master program General Anthropology and done four months of ethnographic fieldwork in Amman for my master thesis.

Supervisor: Maria E. Louw
Co-supervisor: Dawn Chatty (RSC, Ox)