Chung Ai – New PhD student at the Department of Global Studies

Chung Ai will be working on the project: “Sounds and Memories: Tracing the Sounds of War in Post-War Taiwan”

In 2017, I completed my MA Thesis at National Taiwan University on Taiwan’s sound history: “A Preliminary Study on Taiwan’s Radio Program Kodomo No Jikan ''Children''s Time'' in Colonial Taiwan”. Two years later, I have the opportunity to further explore the history of Taiwan through sounds with my exciting PhD project.

 My PhD project: “Sounds and Memories: Tracing the Sounds of War in Post-War Taiwan” aims to discover Taiwan’s essential sound memories in the early post-war period (1945 to 1955 and beyond) through a series of different resources and approaches. By analyzing documents and real sounds as well as interviewing citizens of Taiwan who had experienced the war period, this project tries to identify the most important post-WWII sounds and their acoustic echoes in people’s cultural memories.

In addition, this project contributes to a large research project entitled “SoundTrak”, led by Wulf Kansteiner and Andreas Steen. As the SoundTrak proposal states: “SoundTrak explores soundscapes in the three Cold War battleground states of Taiwan, East Germany, and Denmark, through a topic fundamentally related to questions of national independence: the memory of WWII warfare, occupation, and liberation.” In collaboration with the SoundTrak team, my project will not only contribute to the research of Taiwan but also help lay the foundation for an interdisciplinary study on “comparative global sound memories.”

This project is expected to provide a new approach towards the history of post-war Taiwan through sound and memory. I expect to find the “key sounds” that define the memories of different groups in Taiwan and analyze the results in a comparative perspective with East Germany and Denmark, further encouraging a transnational dialogue on the preservation and loss of sounds, their global interaction and transfers, meanings and memories.


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