Christian B. N. Gade – New Associate Professor at CAS

On 1 January 2018, Christian took up the position as Associate Professor in Human Security at the Department of Anthropology. As part of the position, he will be the coordinator of the international Master’s degree program in Human Security at AU.

18.01.2018 | Camilla Dimke

Christian is a co-principal investigator in the Konfliktråd Impact Project (KIP), which started on 1 September 2017. This randomized controlled trial (RCT) seeks to establish the best practice for Danish victim-offender meetings in terms of victim wellbeing and offender recidivism by comparing the current Danish mediation practice, Konfliktråd, with an alternative approach, restorative justice conferences. While several RCTs have compared the effects of restorative justice versus no restorative justice, KIP will be the first RCT in the world that compares the effects of two different restorative justice models.

KIP strives for a mixed-methods ideals of experimental ethnography by collecting both quantitative and qualitative data from seven Danish police districts (Northern Jutland, Eastern Jutland, South East Jutland, Funen, Copenhagen, Northern Zealand and South Zealand and Lolland Falster). KIP is a collaboration between AU’s Psychology and Anthropology departments, scholars from the Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge, and the Danish National Police. The project is funded by TrygFonden.

Christian is also doing cross-disciplinary research on transitional justice, nation-building, and cultural heritage. His recent publications include A Discourse on African Philosophy: A New Perspective on Ubuntu and Transitional Justice in South Africa, Lexington Books, 2017. In addition to his research, Christian is working with conflict management in practice as a victim-offender mediator for the police in Eastern Jutland.

Contact information:

Christian B. N. Gade
Institut for Kultur og Samfund - Afdeling for Antropologi
Moesgård Allé 20
8270 Højbjerg