Anna Baral - New Postdoc at the Department of Anthropology

Anna Baral will be affiliated IMAGENU Imagining Gender Futures in Uganda headed by professor Lotte Meinert.

15.08.2019 | Camilla Dimke

Anna Baral is postdoctoral researcher within IMAGENU. She will explore love in Eastern Uganda as a project, or an experience of projection towards the future enabled by the investment in material and emotional resources. She will in particular investigate the role of “elsewhere” and “otherness” as geographical and ontological resources that enable the imagination of gendered futures.

Her PhD research, conducted under the supervision of Sverker Finnström at Uppsala University, focused on masculinity and morality in Uganda, from the perspective of informal workers in Kampala. Previously, she has studied the restoration of precolonial kingdoms in Uganda, the difficult negotiations between Ugandan traditional and state institutions, heritagization and cultural tourism, and the history of the Italian community in the country.


Anna Baral
Institut for Kultur og Samfund - Afdeling for Antropologi
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