Andrea Zuppi - New PhD at the Department of Anthropology

Andrea Zuppi will join CAS as PHD from 1 September.

24.08.2017 | Camilla Dimke

I was born in 1990 in Rome, where I lived until I finished high school. I then studied social anthropology at Canterbury (UK), where I earned my BA, and Paris (EHESS) where I obtained my MA. Following my studies, I worked as a researcher in an ethnographic museum in Tuscany, Italy.

My research interests mainly focus (i) on the relationship between human beings and the environment and (ii) on the study and use of concepts in anthropological analysis, both from an etic and emic point of view. My PhD project is an attempt to bring these two strands together through the study of notions of life and life processes held by the Kulina Madijà, an indigenous people of the Peruvian rainforest (the location of fieldwork may yet change).

The general aim is that of producing an ethnography on local theories of life and assess what this would imply for our understanding of how life can be conceived cross-culturally. Beside anthropology, I am passionate about reading novels and hiking mountains!