Current application rounds

The School of Culture and Society continually publish current application rounds from both Danish and international foundations in the newsletter.

In cooperation with the Research Support Office, the school facilitates special support processes for more extensive application rounds (e.g. from Independent Research Fund Denmark, the Carlsberg Foundation, and VELUX FONDEN’s core-group programme) and for applications for the European Research Council.

 Read more about EU research funding on the website of the Research Support Office.

Independent Research Fund Denmark – Fall 2021

The fall deadline for applications to IRFD | Humanities is 1 October 2021 at 12:00 (noon) for the following instruments:

• DFF Research Project 1 (up to DKK 2,000,000 excluding overheads)
• DFF Research Project 2 (up to DKK 4,300,000 excluding overheads)
• Journals, Humanities (DKK 40,000 per year)

The following instrument has a deadline on 21 September 2021 at 12:00 (noon):
• Explorative Network (up to DKK 500,000 excluding overheads)

The deadline for applications to the IRFD | Social Sciences is 29 September 2021 at 12:00 (noon) for the following instruments:

• DFF Research Project 1 (up to DKK 2,000,000 excluding overheads)
• DFF Research Project 2 (up to DKK 4,300,000 excluding overheads)
• International Research Stay, Social Sciences (DKK 200,000 excluding overheads).

NB: The call for DFF International Postdocs has a deadline on 21 September 2021, 12:00 (noon) From now on, these grants should be administered by a Danish research institution. Applicants may reach out to Team Arts/BSS Finance for budget assistance – please send an email to team leader Jesper Fristrup Skovmøller: by Thursday, August 19 at the latest.

Read the entire IRFD call here.
Read CAS internal application procedure here.

The Carlsberg Foundation Fall 2021

The Carlsberg Foundation 2021 - CAS internal process

DEADLINE is 1 OCTOBER 2021 AT 16:00

The Carlsberg Foundation supports excellent basic scientific research at a high international level within the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. This research is carried out by Danish and international researchers with links to Danish research. In the autumn of 2021, grant applications are invited for:

  • Internationalisation fellowships*: Travel grants for long-term research periods (two-years) at international elite universities. Amount: DKK 350,000 per annum (scholars travelling without children), DKK 425,000 per annum (scholars accompanied by children).
  • Carlsberg Visiting Fellowships at University of Oxford*: Two-year postdoctoral visiting fellowships at Oxford University. Amount: DKK 350,000 per annum (scholars travelling without children), DKK 425,000 per annum (scholars accompanied by children).
  • Carlsberg Foundation Reintegration Fellowships: Two-year postdoctoral fellowships at Danish research institutions for postdoctoral fellows subsequent to an Internationalisation Fellowship from the Carlsberg Foundation or an otherwise funded research stay abroad.
  • Carlsberg Foundation Young Researcher Fellowships: Three-year grants for outstanding newly appointed associate professors to establish an independent research group or research environment, including the acquisition of research infrastructure (equipment, register data, etc.) and the formation of national/international networks. At the time of application, the applicant cannot be more than two years into his/her position (max DKK 5.000.000).
  • Carlsberg Foundation Monograph Fellowships: One-year full-time grants for leading, established researchers within the Humanities and Social Sciences with a project aiming at the publication of a pioneering monograph or doctoral dissertation.
  • Research Infrastructure: the purchase of equipment, register data, data base and field trips as well as the establishment of corpora and development of research tools.
  • Field trips / Research stays: Grants for field trips or research stays at leading international research institutions with a budget exceeding DKK 100,000.

*The two postdoc-grants are announced in two annual calls with deadlines 1 April and 1 October. Applications are not supported by the Research Support facilities at AU, since the grants will be hosted by other institutions.

Read the full call at: Carlsbergfondet
Read the internal process here.

The Velux Foundation’s core-group programme for the humanities, Fall 2021

 The School of Culture and Society has been asked once again to submit applications to the Velux Foundation’s core group programme for the humanities and social sciences. The core-group programme is to:

• Fund independent, original basic research of an excellent standard within the humanities and allied social science disciplines (anthropology, political science, sociology and psychology).

• Boost emerging research (up-and-coming research teams with emerging ideas) with a view to strengthening the humanities within the national and international research-funded ecosystem.

• Offer a medium-sized grant scheme (between an individual project and research centre grant) to serve as a 'stepping stone' to eligibility for larger and/or international grants.

• Synergise university departments' realisation of research plans and objectives, and therein outputs for teaching purposes.

• Incorporate the research centres' own tacit insights into research trends, needs and promising new research ideas/initiatives/proponents through close dialogue with heads of department.

Please see the full call at the Velux Foundation website here.
Please read CAS internal application process here.

The School of Culture and Society has been invited to submit a total of six expressions of interest. The six projects will be selected by the school’s research committee. The internal deadline for the CAS preselection of expressions of interest is Monday October 4, at noon. Please send your proposals to the research consultant:  

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