Trine Borake - new PhD at the department of Archeaology

Trine Borake will be working on the project: Fra Vikinger til Hvider

02.12.2016 | Camilla Dimke

My research evolves around the magnate´s complex at Lake Tissø. The complex was in function from the 5th to the 12th century and a large assembly hall, a sacred enclosure, and an extensive handicraft and the marketplace suggest it served a variety of functions. It is argued, that a central place is not defined by spatiality, temporality or materiality but by functions and services. In my project, I want to investigate and discuss the needs and demands that the complex accommodated and the relation to the surrounding society on a micro- and macro-level. By applying network analysis and using a cultural landscape approach, I intend to investigate the networks and the dynamics that maintained, transformed and finally led to decline of the complex.

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