Katrine Mandrup Bach - New PhD at the Department of Anthropology

Katrine will be working on the project: "Using the past to build a future: Exploring the mobilisation of the recent Past in the struggles for contemporary Egyptian identities".

23.01.2018 | Camilla Dimke

Since the revolution of 2011, numerous initiatives have been formed with the goal of preserving, documenting and sharing what Egypt’s more recent pasts has to offer. My project explores the most recent developments in the struggle for new Egyptian identities and ‘pasts’. It investigates how local Cairene initiatives have taken it upon themselves to tell new and different stories about what Egypt is today. Through ethnographic and museological engagement with a number of the initiatives I aim to explore how selected features of the past are mobilised to challenge previous narratives, create new identities and promote community development in contemporary Egypt.

 My name is Katrine Mandrup Bach and I have set out to understand the people behind these initiatives and follow their efforts to create new past(s). I have a bachelor degree in Anthropology and Museology from Aarhus University, which have given me the opportunity to get acquainted with the museum world through an internship and later employment at the Women’s Museum in Denmark. Through my work at the Women’s Museum I got to visit Cairo and get a small taste of its rich history and current debates on heritage and identity. With my recent acceptance into the Ph.D. programme at Aarhus University I am now able to continue my own efforts at learning more about contemporary Egyptian identity, heritage and culture.

 In hardly any other place is history more visible than Cairo. Here, people and monuments from many different ages live side by side, and the past makes for one of the country’s most defining features and biggest sources of income. Therefore, this project primarily takes place in Cairo, where I have been working the past fall in order to get a better understanding of how and why Egypt’s more recent past(s) have become important today. My project thus endeavors to contribute to our knowledge of Egypt’s more contemporary heritage(s) and its importance in building a foundation for new potential futures.

 I look very much forward to joining the Department of Anthropology and meeting all of you.

Contact information:

Katrine Mandrup Bach
Institut for Kultur og Samfund - Afdeling for Antropologi
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