Jonathan Sholl - New Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy and History of ideas

As of 1 August we welcome Jonathan Sholl as a new member of staff at CAS, Department of Philosophy and History of ideas

13.09.2016 | Camilla Dimke

My past research looked at the relation between biology, physiology and medical concepts in the work of Georges Canguilhem, bringing his work into dialogue with more traditional 'analytic' approaches (naturalism, normativism, hybrid and evolutionary). My current research, focusing on the areas of philosophy of medicine, medical sociology, and historical epistemology, develops this general approach along two distinct lines. On the one hand, it explores whether the properties of robustness, plasticity, allostasis and related concepts can provide a naturalized account of health and disease, as well as how/whether Canguilhem's biological philosophy can contribute to such a project. On the other hand, it uses some insights by Canguilhem and Foucault, as well as aspects of medical anthropology and sociology, to develop an historical epistemology of the concept of medicalization. By tracing different roots of this concept, the aim is to determine the ways in which medicalization entails social control or contributes to social transformation.

  • Sholl, J. (forthcoming). ‘The Muddle of Medicalization: Pathologizing or Medicalizing?’, Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, XX-XX.
  • De Block, A. & Sholl, J. (forthcoming). ‘Harmless Dysfunctions and the Problem of Normal Variation,’ in L. Faucher and D. Forest (Eds.) Defining Mental Disorders: Jerome Wakefield and His Critics, pp. XX-XX. MIT Press: Cambridge.
  • Sholl, J. (2016). ‘Escaping the Conceptual Analysis Straightjacket: Pathological Mechanisms and Canguilhem’s Biological Philosophy’, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 58.4 (autumn 2015), 395-418.
  • Sholl, J. (2016). ‘Contextualizing Medical Norms: Georges Canguilhem’s Surnaturalism,’ in É. Giroux (Ed.) Naturalism in the Philosophy of Health: Issues and Implications, pp. 81-100. Springer: Dordrecht.
  • Sholl, J. (2015). ‘Putting Phenomenology in its Place: Some Limits of a Phenomenology of Medicine’, Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, 36.6, 391-410.
  • Sholl, J. & De Block, A. (2015). ‘Towards a Critique of Normalization: Canguilhem and Boorse,’ in D. Meacham (Ed.) Medicine and Society, New Perspectives in Continental Philosophy, pp. 141-158.Springer: Dordrecht.
  • Sholl, J. (2012). ‘The Knowledge of Life in Canguilhem’s Critical Naturalism’. Pli: Warwick Journal of Philosophy, 23, 107-127.
  • Sholl, J. (2012). ‘Thought and Repetition in Bergson and Deleuze’. Deleuze Studies, 6.4, 544-563.
  • Sholl, J. (2008). ‘Relativistic Holism through Whitehead and Existential Phenomenology’ in Whitehead and Existentialism. Y. Murata (Ed.) Koyo Shobo Publisher: Kyoto.
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