Jens Christian Bjerring - "New"Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy and History of ideas

We are happy to announce that Jens Christian Bjerring has accepted a new Assistant Professorship at CAS as of 1 August.

13.09.2016 | Camilla Dimke

Jens Christian Bjerring received his PhD from the Australian National University in late 2010 under the supervision of David J. Chalmers. After a short stint in the Philosophy Department at the University of Copenhagen, he has taught at Aarhus University since 2012. Generally, his research interests center around core issues in theoretical philosophy, with an emphasis on rationality, content, and meaning. More specifically, there is a strand informal epistemology and philosophical logic in his research that deals with
hyperintensionality: very roughly, the search for fine-grained meanings and contents that more faithfully reflect ordinary judgments and thoughts. Second, there is a strand in mainstream and social epistemology that investigates issues such as extended cognition, pluralistic ignorance, and knowledge.

His publications include papers on linguistic content in The Philosophical Quarterly and Philosophical Studies, on formal epistemology and mental content in Journal of Philosophical Logic and Synthese, and on issues dealing with rationality and cognition in Synthese and Philosophical Issues

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