Helle Strandgaard Jensen - Associate Professor at CAS

Helle Strandgaard Jensen has accepted a position as Associate Professor at the Department of History and Classical Studies.

14.06.2017 | Camilla Dimke

Helle Strandgaard Jensen received her PhD from the European University Institute in 2013. She has previously been employed at the Department of Media, Cognition, and Communication at University of Copenhagen and held a number of visiting fellowships in the US and UK. Her research focuses on contemporary childhood and media history in Scandinavia, Western Europe, and the US after 1945. She combines historical methods with theoretical approaches from cultural studies and media studies. One part of her research is concerned with media productions as historical objects. Another other investigates how uses of digital media – in particular digital archives, sources, and research tools – influence the discipline of history.

 Jensen is the author of Superman to Social Realism: Children’s media and Scandinavian childhood (2017) as well as many articles and book chapters on childhood history, children’s media culture, and digital archives’ impact on historiography. She is currently working on a project financed by the Danish Research Council and the European Commissions’ Marie Curie actions about the American children’s programme Sesame Street and its reception in the US, UK, Italy, Scandinavia, and Germany throughout the 1970s. A second project investigates digital archives as historiographical agents by looking at the production, content, and use of these from the perspective of professional historians.

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