Anastasia Brozou - new Phd at the Department of Archeaology and Heritage Management

Anastasia Brozou joins CAS with the projcet: ¨Leprosy in Medieval Denmark: an enigmatic disease under investigation¨.

06.09.2017 | Camilla Dimke

After graduating with an extended Bachelor degree (Ptychío) in Archaeology and Art History from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), I was awarded an MSc degree with Distinction in the field of human osteology and palaeopathology from Durham University (United Kingdom). Following my graduation, but also during my study years, I participated in several archaeological projects, voluntary work and professional employment, both in Greece and abroad.

 My research with the working title ¨Leprosy in Medieval Denmark: an enigmatic disease under investigation¨ aims to investigate the history of the disease of leprosy and its impact on medieval society. Having being introduced to Europe during the Roman times, leprosy evolved into a major health issue in the Late Medieval period, leading to the establishment of approximately 40 leprosy hospitals in Denmark and of thousands across Europe. The present project will investigate life in medieval leprosy hospitals and try to decipher how the link between leprosy institutions and patients developed by employing an interdisciplinary approach, merging physical anthropology with traditional and biomolecular archaeology. A combination of stable isotope analyses (carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, hydrogen, oxygen and strontium) will be employed in order to establish the origin and dietary habits of hundreds of individuals, before and after their admission to the institutions. Furthermore, the cause of the end of the leprosy epidemic will be explored by employing the method of radiocarbon dating and oxygen isotope analysis.

My main supervisor is Marcello Mannino (Aarhus University) and my co-supervisor is Niels Lynnerup (University of Copenhagen).

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