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Current application rounds

Independent Research Fund Denmark - Process for the School of Culture and Society, Spring 2018

The spring deadline for applications to IRFD | Humanities (and IRFD | Social Sciences) is 10 April 2018 at 16:00 for the following instruments:

  • Sapere Aude: Starting Grant (up to DKK 4,100,000 excluding overheads)
  • Research Networks | Humanities (DKK 700,000 per annum excluding overheads)
  • International Research Stay | Social Sciences (DKK 300,000 excluding overheads).

Read the entire IRFD announcement here.

Please download the School's internal process plan including deadlines for research support from the Research Support Unit here if you are planning to apply.


The School of Culture and Society has been asked once again to submit applications to the Velux Foundation’s funding programme for the humanities. The full wording of the announcement can be seen here. Please note the internal school process where the research committee will select the seven projects, which will be submitted from the School. The process can be seen here.

Internal deadline for preliminary proposals is Friday 13 October at 9:00 / final deadline for the seven selected applications is 1 December 2017. Question can be adressed to the research consultant (

CAS process for applicants to the Carlsberg Foundation

The Carlsberg Foundation supports excellent basic scientific research at a high international level within the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. This research is carried out by Danish and international researchers with links to Danish research. In the autumn of 2017, grant applications are invited for:

  • Internationalisation grants: Travel grants for long-term research periods at international elite universities (12 months). Amount: DKK 350,000 per annum (scholars travelling without children), DKK 425,000 per annum (scholars accompanied by children). Applicants with more than five years of experience since obtaining their PhD degree are not eligible.
  • Postdoc grants in Denmark: Salary for postdocs in Denmark (employed at Danish research institutions).
  • HM Queen Margrethe II’s Distinguished postdoctoral fellowship at the Danish Academy in Rome: A two-three year postdoc period at the Danish Academy in Rome.
  • The Carlsberg Foundation’s "Distinguished" associate professor grants: Grants for outstanding newly appointed associate professors with international experience for the establishment of an independent research group and the creation of national/international networks. Applicants must not have been associate professors for more than two years. Amount: max. DKK 4,500,000.
  • Semper Ardens grants: One-year grants for leading, established researchers in the humanities and social sciences with a project aiming at the publication of a pioneering monograph.
  • Publications relating to projects supported by the Carlsberg Foundation.
  • Field expeditions/study periods: support for field expeditions and research stays abroad.
  • Grants for arranging conferences (max. DKK 60,000).


Download CAS internal application process and the full call here.
Download budget form here.



CAS internal Proces for DFF Humanities F2017

The fall deadline for applications to the DFF Humanities (FKK) is 3 October 2017 at 16:00 for the following instruments:

  • DFF Research Project 1 (up to DKK 1,800,000 excluding overheads)
  • DFF Research Project 2 (up to DKK 4,100,000 excluding overheads)
  • Journals, Humanities (DKK 30,000 per annum)

The deadline for applications to the DFF Social Sciences for is 28 September 2017 at 16:00 for the following instruments:

  • DFF Research Project 1 (up to DKK 1,800,000 excluding overheads)
  • DFF Research Project 2 (up to DKK 4,100,000 excluding overheads)
  • International Research Stay, Social Sciences (DKK 300,000 excluding overheads).

NB: The call for DFF international postdocs has a deadline on 1 November (NB: there is no school or support process for this call, because these are personal grants not administered by AU).

Read the entire DFF announcement here.

Download CAS internal process for applications here.
Download budget questions here.

CAS seedfunding 2017-2018

We hereby announce the establishment of a seed-funding pool at CAS from the autumn of 2017 until the autumn of 2018. This pool will give CAS researchers the opportunity to apply for grants covering preparations for collective research projects targeting specific funds or calls for applications.

The deadline for the (short) applications: 13 September 2017 at 12:00. Applications are processed by the research committee.

Download the call here.


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